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Inertia Pecan Cracker

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Crack Nuts The Fun Way

We are bringing back a time tested and fun to use nut cracker from the 70's & 80's. Simple, rubber band powered design that has been a family favorite for many generations. Bring back memories of sitting with Grandpa while you pop the rubber bands to enjoy a handful of nuts. Teach a lesson in Science using the inertia power created by the rubber bands to crack almonds, pecans, filbert nuts, hazelnuts, English walnuts, or Brazil nuts and then enjoy the tasty rewards!

Built To Last

Made from the highest quality Red Oak which will not split or break and is backed by a 2 year warranty. The Inertia Cracker uses rubber bands which allows a quick delivery of the hammer. This allows the shell to be cracked open without crushing the pecan. You will enjoy nice halves of nutmeat, rather than pieces that most pecan shelling methods produce. If you need to open hard shelled nuts, just add additional rubber bands to provide more striking power. Save money with the ability to crack up to 30 pecans per minute so you won't have to shell out money on expensive preshelled nuts. Our high quality Inertia Cracker will have you cracking soft shelled pecans, English walnuts, almonds, and more in no time!

5 Super Easy Steps

  1. Place Nut in holder
  2. Slide cover over nut
  3. Pull back hammer
  4. Let go of hammer
  5. Pull the delicious nutmeat out and enjoy!

The Perfect Nutcracker Gift

Everyone enjoys a novel gift. This Inertia Cracker fits the bill. Fun and unique, everyone will want to crack pecans and other nuts with it. I have come across videos all over the web of people using the Inertia Cracker to break nut cracking records, or sweet young children enjoying time with their Grand Pappy as he holds the cover in place for them to pull the trigger back to crack, shell, and devour the wholesome nutmeat. Great for Science teachers to use during classroom experiments. Order one for yourself, then order another as the perfect pecan lovers gift.

Not for use with black walnuts or hickory nuts.

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Inertia Pecan Cracker
Inertia Pecan Cracker
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