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TaMaCo 515 Pea and Bean Huller

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TaMaCo 515 Bean Huller
TaMaCo 515 Bean Huller
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TamaCo 515 Bean Huller (Commercial Pea Sheller) NEW 2016 Model

The TaMaCo 515 Bean Huller is One of the Most Efficient Pea Hullers

Built for low maintenance yet high yields.

Don't Be Fooled by Pea Shellers That Use Wood Paddles!

Pea hullers that use wood paddles beat the poor peas and beans into submission. This leads the produce bruised. Plus yield is usually less then 85%. In other words, 15% are of the peas and beans are tossed out to the cows. Ouch! You'll pay for that cheap workmanship year after year.

Specifications Model 515 Model 520
Motor Volts 115 230
Motor Size 1.5 2
Motor Hertz 60 60
Full load running amps 20.4 10.7
Full load starting amps 104 62
Width operating 25" 25"
Width shipping 36" 36"
Height operating 51" 51"
Height shipping 56.5" 56.5"
Drum length 61" 61"
Shipping weight 640 lbs 644 lbs
Operating weight 488 lbs 492 lbs
Suggested breaker size (amps) 30 20
Shelling time in minutes per load - beans 2-5 2-5
Shelling time in minutes per load - peas 3-8 3-8

TaMaCo Huller Explanations:

DOORS: Doors are the 4 individual removable screens that makes up the Drum or cylinder.

SHAKER: The shaker is the lower vibrating device that holds the Filter and the catch for separating the trash and hull chips from the peas or beans.

CATCH: The catch is the bottom of the two screens on the shaker. This screen catches the peas and sends them to the receiving pan while allowing the smaller particle of trash and chips of hulls pass through to the trash pan.

FILTER: A filter is the top removable screen on the shaker system that peas or beans pass through trapping the larger particles of unwanted trash or chips of hulls.

DOOR SELECTIONS: Some operators find that when exceptionally large peas are mixed with their standard size peas of the same variety, they can use three standard doors for this variety, and one larger size door to let these larger peas fall through with a minimum of trash. Doors sets "B", "C", "D" and "E" have external removable shields. No external shields are necessary for "F" doors since these doors are used for shelling extremely large beans.

"B" - For extra small peas (i.e., Lady Fingers, Turkey peas, etc.).
"C" - For small peas to standard size peas (i.e., Black-eyes, Cream, Conch peas, etc.).
"D" - For large peas (i.e. Purple hull, standard butterbeans, etc.).
"E" - For large beans (i.e. Large limas, colored and speckled, etc.).
"F" - For extra large beans (i.e. Ford Hooks, etc.).

FILTER SELECTIONS: Selection of filter is important as they help keep the lager particles of trash out of the peas and beans that will pass through the filter screen. Only one filter is necessary to match each of the drum doors sets you have chosen, but if the peas or beans you are shelling will pass through a smaller filter than the door selection, it would be advisable to use this filter instead. Therefore, we suggest the purchase of an extra filter that is one size smaller than the smallest drum door set to give you a greater variety of filtering while shelling. "F" doors do not have external shields, so a shaker filter is not required when shelling with this set of doors.

"A" - For use with "B" Doors.
"B" - For use with "B" or "C" Doors.
"C" - For use with "C" or "D" Doors.
"D" - For use with "D" or "E" Doors.
"E" - For use with "E" Doors.

CATCH SELECTIONS: There are two size catches available for these hullers. The "A" catch for use with most sizes peas and beans, such as Black-eye, Butterbean, Ford Hook, Etc., or the "AA" catch which is used only when the operator is shelling an extra small pea, such a turkey pea, Lady Finger Pea, etc.. Operation of an "A" catch with extra small peas would result in lost peas to the trash pan.

"A" - For use with "C", "D", "E", AND "F" doors.
"AA" - For use with "B" doors only.

Pea Shellers Overview

Pea Shellers

  Icons W x L x H Wt. Peas Beans Rollers Motor Origin Production Add
16.5 x 27.5 x 14
35 lbs
1/3 HP 120V
3-4 Bushel P/HR
8 x12 x 10
1/15 HP
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TaMaCo 515 Pea and Bean Huller
TaMaCo 515 Pea and Bean Huller
25 X 36 X51
488 lbs
1.5 HP 120V
1 1/2 Bushel 2-5 minutes
Out of Stock
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