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Holt's Nut Wizard for Pine Cones

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Thought you would never find the solution to your pine cone problem? Don't cut trees down-- get a Holt's Nut Wizard Pine Cone Wizard today! These couldn't be simpler to use! Just roll your Pine Cone Wizard over your pesky pine cones and viola'! The pine cones become trapped in the basket until you decide to empty the basket. Emptying the basket is simple too! Just open up the "wires" on the basket of the pine cone picker upper (no worries-- they are flexible) and the pine cones fall out in a location of your choosing. This American-made product is sturdy and built to last for many years.

*NEW* We now offer the Pine Cone Wizard in small and large sizes. The small Pine Cone Wizard is designed for skinny and small pine cones-- or those that may have been run over. Small wizard is recommended for southern pine trees that produce smaller than average pine cones. The large Pine Cone Wizard is designed for those pine cones that have opened up fully. Large is recommended for trees in the Northwest United States, where the pine cones are naturally larger. Not sure which one to get? No problem! Email us a picture at hello@855Sheller.com and we can provide our expert advice on the best pine cone wizard for your needs. The best pictures include a measuring tape beside the pine cone(s).

Reviews and Ratings


Pine cone

So disappointed. Pic up one cone. Move to the second and this first falls. Very frustrating. I was so excited to get it. Looks better in than I to works by far!

Submitted by Mar on 06/24/2022 05:42:50 PM.


Pine Cone Wizard

Pros: Easy to use. be sure and get the large wire dumper with it so you can empty it.

Cons: None

This is an awesome device. Really works great.We have ALOT of pine trees on our property.

Submitted by sandy on 05/05/2019 04:01:37 PM.

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