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Kinetic Kracker Electric Pecan Cracker

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Kinetic Kracker Extra Parts

Kinetic Kracker Cup + Rubber Catches
Kinetic Kracker Cup + Rubber Catches
$24.95 | In Stock
Kinetic Kracker Rubber Catch
Kinetic Kracker Rubber Catch
$14.95 | In Stock

Electric Foot Pedal

Foot Switch for Kinetic Kracker
Foot Switch for Kinetic Kracker
$34.95 | In Stock

Kinetic Kracker Box *NEW*

Kinetic Kracker Box
Kinetic Kracker Box
$14.95 | In Stock

Kinetic Kracker Electric Pecan Cracker

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The Kinetic Kracker is simple and easy enough to use that most members of the family could help out with the cracking and shelling with a little supervision. Just check out the video of our Kinetic Kracker electric nut cracker to see that young man easily cracking all those pecans!

Sturdy and American Made

How could it get any better than that? Our electric nutcracker is handmade right here in America by Americans! A wood box encloses the motor to ensure safety, and a wooden base gives sturdiness.

Easy to Use

The unique design of our Electric Pecan Cracker allows it to apply the precise amount of pressure needed for your pecans without crushing them. Nearly every time, your pecan will easily slide from the shell with a gentle tug to free the nut meat. Simple and easy.

Won't Under Crack or Over Crack

The Kinetic Kracker electric pecan cracker has been flying off of our shelves! We manufacture our electric crackers to the highest standards. Word of mouth is really getting around as people who love using their Kinetic Kracker to shell all those nuts tell their loved ones and even buying them as gifts so others can enjoy their very own freshly shelled pecans from the trees in their own yards.

Extremely Popular Electric Pecan Cracker

We took our faithful Kinetic Kracker electric nut cracker design, looked it over, and gave it some upgrades. Back and better than ever with more nut cracking power, our Kinetic Kracker delivers the ability to crack 1,560 pecans per hour with 26 RPM motor versus the previous 1,200 nuts with 20 RPM motor that the original design offered. I know that sounds like it could get hot quickly, but each one comes with a fan cooled motor, so don't fret!

Faster Nut Cracking

Do your hands get tired from manually cracking and shelling pecans or does lack of strength due to arthritis prevent you from cracking and enjoying the nut meat from your prized pecan tree? Are your pecan trees full of nuts that you just want to store away? Sometimes, especially during the Holidays, the demand for all those candies that require shelled pecans makes it hard to keep up, but not any longer!

Easier Nut Cracking


Electric Pecan Cracker

Reviews and Ratings


Kinetic Kracker EPC

Pros: Easy/fun to use,. Good results

Cons: A bit pricey, but worth it to me

If you have a lot of pecans or if you own a small orchard of 7 trees as we do, you have to get this cracker. We bought version II in 2007, and it's STILL working like BOSS 16 years later! The degree of cracking (over/under/or perfect) I think depends on the nut itself. But I'd say that 80% of the pecans come out nearly perfect. Nice little machine!

Submitted by Bertha on 12/19/2023 10:58:47 PM.


5.0 out of 5 starsGood machine and does what it's supposed to

Wonderful! It's a bit noisy, but is much less tedious than cracking each pecan by hand. Makes a big mess with shells flying all over the room, but small price to pay for the increase in speed. Am going to have to use it on the porch for the rest of the crop. Sometimes the nuts are over or under cracked, but for the most part does a great job.

Submitted by SAMP on 11/28/2018 08:55:45 AM.


Get one, you will be very happy with it.

If you crack pecans do not hesitate to purchase one of these machines. I purchased one for my father in the 80's. He passed away and I continued to use the cracker. We used the machine so much I had to send it back to the factory to get it refurbished, back in the 90's. Parts are still available and easily obtained, you want need to replace many parts. Well build machine, Joseph

Submitted by joseph on 11/28/2018 08:54:11 AM.

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