Master Cracker

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Master Cracker-Black Walnut
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Minimal Shell Shatter

Are you looking for a more efficient and effective way to shell your Black Walnuts that your trees have produced? Do you already have a low quality walnut cracker that shatters your nut shells and sends the shells flying in all directions? That could be very dangerous and you could be losing precious nut meat from your walnut trees that you spent time gathering. Don't let that happen to you! Not only is the Master Cracker American made with the highest craftsmanship and quality, it is designed to nearly eliminate shell shatter.

Quality American Made Craftsmanship

Built to last for generations to come, the Master Cracker Black Walnut cracker makes easy work of cracking and shelling your nuts. The Master Cracker is specially designed to hug your nuts snugly, which drastically reduces shell shatter. When you decide to buy a Black Walnut cracker, you will want to choose quality and with our Master Cracker that is exactly what you will receive. Built with high quality parts and pride of workmanship, our Master Cracker was made to stand the test of time.

What Makes the Master Cracker Better

Master Cracker is crafted with deep oval nut cracking cups. While your Black Walnut is in the nut cracker cup, tension springs lock the nut in place. This design gives the ability for our Master Cracker to provide a deep, snug, and firm grasp on the walnut so when you crack it shell shatter is drastically reduced and therefore making access to the delicious nut meat simple and easy. No more need for nut picks or pliers to fight your nut meat out of the broken nut shells. We also have a rubber coated handle to increase your comfort while cracking all those nuts. This not only relieves some of the strain from the palm of your hand, but also reduces sore or tender hands as you sit back and enjoy all those freshly cracked and shelled Black Walnuts you have taken the time to gather from your walnut trees.

Black Walnut Crackers Overview

Black Walnut Crackers

Master Cracker
Master Cracker
Out of Stock
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