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Steel II Black Walnut Cracker for Hard Shell Nuts

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Steel Nutcracker II for Black Walnuts, Pecans and more
Steel Nutcracker II for Black Walnuts, Pecans and more
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Steel Nutcracker ][

Re-engineered; Now Better Than Ever!

Hard Shell Nuts? No Problem!

We were pleased to offer you the Steel Nutcracker I and it became a best-seller! Now, we've made it better and we are excited to offer you a re-engineered nutcracker-- Introducing the Steel Nutcracker ][ !!

Manufactured In-House! We've re-designed the nutcracker to be even more effective. The perfect crack, every time! We introduce the Steel Nutcracker ][ !! All the same great features of the first edition but with improvements. 

Don't waste money buying from third-parties! 
Buy direct from the manufacturer!
Now with a two-year warranty!
Watch the Jaws of Steel crack nuts perfectly! 

Don't wait till nuts start dropping to find your nut cracking solution!  Order now and be ready for your nut harvest!

The Steel Nutcracker ][ is a quality built construction made in-house-- a Made in the USA product. We guarantee our quality craftsmanship. The Steel ][ is made of reinforced steel to handle the hardest nut shells-- even Black Walnuts. Four flat feet stabilize the nutcracker to avoid wobbling. 

Flawless design! So simple to use! Perfect crack every time! The lever-fulcrum action makes cracking the hardest nuts child's play. It provides superior cracking with a minimal amount of shatter versus standard nut crackers by allowing the user amazing precision pressure control. Apply easy pressure to increase cracking and reduce shatter (and shrapnel!). Better than ever! New to the Steel Nutcracker ][ design is the double steel nut teeth. On the older model, nuts are held by just one set of upper teeth. This method can cause nut slippage and wasted time and effort. The Steel Nutcracker ][ features both an upper and lower set of steel teeth so that the nut stays in place-- no slippage! Perfectly cracked nut every time! 

Visualize the ferocious teeth of the Tyrannosaurs Rex!

That's what you are getting with the Steel Nutcracker ][! Ferocious teeth that crack the hardest of nuts all while leaving the nut meat intact! Be American- buy American! New and improved! Perfectly cracked nut every time!

In stock ready for immediate shipping!

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